Mighty Thor: The Complete Series DVD (region 2)

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Thirteen episodes of the Marvel animated Viking superhero. In 'Trapped By Loki' when Loki escapes from his imprisonment, he turns people into negative beings. Thor defeats Loki, sending him back to Asgard in shame. In 'Mysterious Mr Hyde' Don Blake (as Thor) must stop an ex-employee, Mr. Hyde from stealing a submarine. In 'The Absorbing Man' Loki turns a criminal into the Absorbing Man. Thor defeats him by causing him to absorb every element and overloading his system. In 'The Grey Gargoyle' Thor is turned to stone by the Grey Gargoyle. He recovers in time to defeat the villain. In 'Terror Of The Tomb' Loki revives the Ancient Destroyer, who attacks Thor with his own hammer. Loki discovers that whoever wakes the Destroyer must die, so Thor must save Loki's life. In 'The Tomorrow Man' in order to regain a stolen cobalt bomb, Thor must travel to the future where he fights Zarko. After defeating him and returning with the bomb, Odin cuts Thor's powers in half as punishment for loving Jane Powers. In 'Every Hand Against Him' Odin banishes Thor, who must track down a kidnapped Jane. Odin saves Jane's life as Mr Hyde and Cobra battle Thor. In 'Enter Hercules' when Thor reveals his super powers to Jane, Odin sends Hercules to earth to fight Thor. In 'Thunder In The Netherworld' Pluto tricks Hercules into an Olympian contract. Hercules and Thor become friends when Thor offers to do battle to free him. In 'Chained Evil' Loki manages to steal Thor's hammer and free himself from his prison. Before Thor can retrieve his hammer, super magician Sandu teleports Thor's hammer to another dimension. In 'Battle Of The Gods' Loki sends the enchantress to earth in hopes of getting Thor's mind off Jane. When the enchantress fails, Loki banishes her into Limbo. In 'Trial Of The Gods' Loki kidnaps Jane and convinces Odin that Thor wants to make her immortal. Thor goes on trial for the offence and must fight Loki without weapons. In 'Molto, The Lava Man' the Lava Men push Living Rock to the earth's surface to destroy all humans. The Avengers defeat the Lava Men.


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