DVD Region Coding Information

Author: Mandy  

All products on the Atomic Movies website are coded Region 4 pal unless otherwise shown as Region 1 or 2.
Import titles are marked with the relevant region coding, ie. Region 1 (US) or Region 2 (UK).

Titles marked Region 0, or Region All will play anywhere in the world (Note to US /Canada buyers, Pal format will not play in standard US or Canadian players even if a DVD is marked Region 0)

Games: All games are Region 4 Pal.
Game Consoles: All consoles and accessories are Australian releases and cannot be shipped outside of Australia.

Blu-Ray: All titles are Region B (Aust/NZ/UK) or Region All.

What is Region Coding?

A security system introduced to DVD at the request of Hollywood's major studios to ensure that DVDs released and sold
in one region will not play on DVD machines in other regions. Movie distributors therefore maintain control over release
dates of their films, as well as enabling discs to be produced that conform to different censorship laws, language and
subtitle requirements.
When a DVD disc is manufactured, a region code is applied at the authoring stage such that the final disc will play only
on those players distributed in the designated world region.

There are 6 regions throughout the world:

Region 1 - Canada, United States and its Territories 
Region 2 - Japan, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East
Region 3 - Southeast Asia and East Asia
Region 4 - Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Central and South America 
Region 5 - Indian Subcontinent, Former Soviet Union and Africa 
Region 6 - China


Many newer DVD players are already set to All Region and can play DVDs from any region.
It is also possible to unlock many players and we may be able to help if you Contact Us with the make & model of your player.

PS2, PS3 and XBox will not play DVDs released outside of the country they were purchased in. Australian game consoles
will not play UK dual region or US DVDs.

Some studios are now releasing their titles as All Region or Dual Region, this information is given on each listing, this especially
applies to Documentaries and Music DVDs, and some older released titles.

You will see some of our titles have Region 1 & 4 NTSC or Region 2 & 4 Pal, or All Region in the description, these sets will
play in Australia, New Zealand and Sth America.

If you have any doubt of about the suitability of the title you are intending to purchase please contact us for further
information as refunds or exchanges are not available for incorrect items once the plastic seal has been breached.

Blu-Ray Region Coding

Blu-Ray regions have been split into 3 zones, A, B & C

The majority of the studios are releasing their titles as all region compatible, however please check individual titles to see
compatibility for your region.

Atomic Movies only stock Blu-Ray titles which are compatible with Australian Region B Blu-Ray players

All titles offered on Atomic Movies website are 100% genuine sourced from the major US, UK & Australian studios.